Where To Get Your Ski Season Pass for 2017-2018

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Where To Get Your Ski Season Pass for 2017-2018

What a Season we had here in Utah, unbelievable. As the season winds down and the resorts are closing, although some have extended, snow conditions are still prime. We have to ask ourselves, will next Winter be just as epic as this year? Most of us stay optimistic and say YES, Yes, it will be. We will get that season pass, no questions asked, in hopes to have a repeat winter that this one brought us. So one has to ask themselves, where do we get a pass or passes for next season? The home resort that we frequent the most? The two home resorts closest in proximity? How about the pass of all passes that encompasses a bunch of resorts?  YOLO (you only live once) right?

First off, there is the M.A.X. Pass, prices go up May 2nd. This pass includes 55 resorts with 5 days at each resort. Good hell, that is one hell of a deal! Get your Sprinter Van load up the kids and travel the country for the Winter Season. There aren’t even any blackout days. This pass includes Brighton, here in Utah. This resort is in close proximity to us here at Gnarwalls. We enjoy going there for the night skiing. The M.A.X. Pass has added six new resorts for the upcoming 2017/2018 Season.

Last but not least is the Epic Pass this is the Vail Resorts that includes 15 resorts, no blackout dates and no limit of days skied at each resort. Park City Resort happens to be the largest ski area in the United States. Also includes 30 European Resorts, again with no blackout dates but the European Resorts do have limited number of days at each resort. There are more restrictions and details you’ll want to follow up on their website.

Then there is The Mountain Collective pass which is more for the Western United States, two Canadian and one in New Zealand and one in Australia, all in all it includes 16 resorts. I for one have met a lot of retired folks that take full advantage of this pass. What a life? Good for them, I say live it up and get a feel for all the resorts we all hear so much about. This pass offers two days at each resort and again, no black-out dates. They’ve added two resorts for the upcoming 2017/2018 Season. Gnarwalls looks at the backside of Snow Basin Resort from our warehouse!


These passes all come with more perks on lodging and food that should be taken advantage if one purchases these multiple resort passes. One of many perks of these multi-resort passes is you can watch the weather and follow the storms to the resorts that are getting the goods as the season progresses with the 2017-2018 Season. It’s rough to have choices and contemplate what to do.