Handmade Ski Decor

The perfect compliment to your ski themed decor, all Gnarwalls products are made by hand in Ogden, Utah. Choose from our collection or request your favorite resort.

Maps are available in canvas or rustic maple, with framing options, delivered ready to hang.  With sizing from 16” to 46” tall and widths over 72”, we have prints to fit any space.


Custom Options

Color Options: Now offering all ski maps in monochrome for a vintage style that matches any decor.

Framing Options: Frame your new print with a floating frame. Available for all sizes and materials.The locally-sourced solid wood frames are handmade by a neighbor here in Ogden, Utah. A slight gap between the artwork and frame creates visual space that showcases the print. This also gives the illusion that your map is floating in the frame.

Frame Details: At 2" thick, the frames ensure your map is sturdy, no matter what size. Unique wood grains are slightly visible through the hand-painted black finish. Note: For small and medium sizes, the frame adds 1 1/4” onto the length and width. Alternatively, the frame does not alter the large size dimensions. The 1 1/4" addition comes from the the 3/8" frame thickness, and the 1/4" visual space between the artwork and frame.