A Quick Trip to Pebble Creek #stormchasers

A Quick Trip to Pebble Creek #stormchasers

There was promise of a huge storm to hit Northern Utah this past weekend. Saturday afternoon we waited and watched for it. It never produced all day and after all the honey dues were completed we were asking ourselves what to do with our weekend. So, we decided on a whim if the snow isn't going to come to us we will go find it. We loaded the kids and gear in the car and drove North on up to Idaho in hopes of hot pots, powder and the excitement to check out a different ski resort.

We were not disappointed when we had slowed to a crawl at 30 MPH on the freeway because of the eye of the storm we had encountered. Our only hope was that the storm would keep producing and we would wake to fresh lines the next morning. We rolled into Lava Hot Springs checked into our room and then quickly scrambled over for a much needed relaxing soak in the hot pots. This was the view at the hotel the next morning.

Home Hotel offers buy one get one free ski passes to the local resort, Pebble Creek. What a deal! Also, our room came with the hugest bathtub ever that fills with the mineral water straight from the earth. We were very pleased with the location of the hotel being within walking distance of the hot pots, local restaurants and watering holes. We ordered some of the best hand tossed pizza I've had in a long time at 10:30 that night from Royal Hotel and Pizzeria. Driving 3 hours and hot pots makes you very hungry. Plus we needed to carb load for the upcoming powder day.

Maybe could include this map to our catalog, wink wink!

The saying goes if you can ski Pebble Creek you can ski anything. This is a big boys hill and has that family friendly small town vibe. It was a blast to say the least. The Mr. always brings plenty of gear and thank goodness he did. He started on his board and then broke a binding and switched to skis. He said to ski the deep powder in skis was a chore and did enjoy it more on a board. The kids met up with other local kids and followed them around for the goods. Lunch was unbelievably cheap for the five of us. You have to get the fresh cut fries and fry sauce when you visit Idaho. We got loads of fresh cookies and had a great day other than the parking lot debacle. They do need a parking lot attendant or two. 12 Noon hit and that place was full beyond capacity. That is a ski resorts good problem I guess.

We hit Lava Hot Springs again after skiing on the way out of town. You cannot beat skiing and hot pots in a 24 hour period, especially with falling big fat snow flakes. It done did our bodies and souls some good! 

We returned home to very little snow and were so glad we made the trip! Someday we hope to pick up a piece of land in this little spot of Idaho.